Welcome to Twisters Gymnastics Club

Twisters Gymnastics Club is a non-profit society incorporated in June 1977, due to the inspiration of its principal founder Liz Carter, who remained the club administrator for 25 years. The club worked out of school gymnasiums, initially running a recreational program and after 2 years formed a competitive girl’s team. A daytime program for pre-schoolers was started at a local community centre. The numbers grew to approximately 250 gymnasts with a number of boys showing an interest in competing.
In order to grow as a club, and meet the demand of the community, a building committee was formed and government funding sought, as well as various fund raising projects undertaken. After working out of school gyms for ten years, the club moved to its existing building. The gym was built with the aid of a BC Government grant, club fundraising, and an interest-free loan from the District of Matsqui. Parents volunteered many hours to assist with painting and digging the trenches. The facility is one of the best equipped in the province.

“To provide a high quality gymnastics program which enhances the participants’ mental and physical development and self-confidence.”
Twisters Gymnastics strives to inspire the “spirit of sport” in every athlete. Every athlete’s involvement in the sport is important to the Club.
Twisters Gymnastics encourages athletes who do display a high level of skill to enlarge upon this talent through our competitive program. However, the Club ensures that gymnastics is available to the maximum number of athletes in the area and not just those of a high skill level through our recreational program.
Sportsmanship, team spirit and co-operation are all vital to our athletes. We strive to reflect these qualities at Twisters Gymnastics.

Twisters Gymnastics seeks to provide a high quality program that encourages every athlete to work to his or her potential at every level of development and ability ranging from recreational to elite.
All athletes are encouraged to develop their skills in balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength of body and mind in a safe and nurturing environment that encourages the enjoyment of physical activity, self-confidence, and excellence in sport.
The Twisters community is expected to model sportsmanship, team spirit, and cooperation in all aspects of participation and celebration of sport and competition.

Richard Ikeda, Club Director


Governed by the BC Society Act as a Non-Profit organization, Twisters Gymnastcis Club is reliant on and accountable to, it’s membership. This membership is open to all guardians of actively registered atheletes and/or atheletes over the age of 18, which is then lead by a volunteer Board of Directors. With the selfless and continuous commitment of this nominated and voted in group of Executives and Directors, Twisters Gymnastics Club provides the community with valuable programs both recreational and competitive to the youth of the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland. 

Committed to our Mission Statement and Philosopy, the Board of Directors has worked towards providing one of the best gymnastics facilities in the province, turning out National and Olympic level athletes who represent Twisters Gymnastics Club with pride, integrity and excellence. 

Joe Clay - President
Sophia Kliewer - Vice President
Nancy Soerjawan - Treasurer
Wendy Shea - Secretary
Greg Engh - Women's Program Rep
Jose Gutierrez - Men's Program
Priscilla Howes - Recreational Rep
Rogelio Vazquez - Maintenance Rep
Cyrstal Frison - Media Communications


Please take a moment to download and become acquainted with our policies.  Our policies are in place to ensure transparency, fairness and structure for all of our members and athletes. 


We would like to acknowledge the following organizations and companies for their dedication to our club. We would not be able to provide our services without the support from our local community - the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland.

Twisters Gymnastics Club appreciates the support of the following sponsors:

The Province of British Columbia

We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia.

The City of Abbotsford

We are grateful for the continued support of the City of Abbotsford.

Gymnastics BC

Sanctioned and governed by the professional support and guidance of Gymnastics BC.

Apex Physioherapy & Health Clinic

Proud sponsor of the 2021 Twisters Invitational 2021 – A Stream of Champions.

DNA Performance Wear

DNA Performance Wear is a proud sponsor of the Twisters Invitational 2021. 



SportzSoft Live Meet

SportzSoft LiveMeet supports athletes across North America and a sponsor of the Twisters Invitational 2021.


DB Digital TV Brunella Batista

Brunella Batista is a multi media artist who worked with our entire team and provided many of the photos and videos in the design of our website and marketing materials.

Richard Meyer Electrical Services

We take pride in the quality of our work and strive to provide the quality customer service and satisfaction to our clients. Our projects include Agricultural, Commercial, and Industrial Electrical.


Twisters Invitational 2021


Twisters Gymnastics Club will be hosting our annual Twisters Invitational. This year will be a little bit different – A Virtual Tournament! Registrations are now open and we encourage you to register as soon as possible and review the requirements for this year’s unique tournament guidelines.