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The team at Twisters Gymnastics is comprised of one full time office staff, 26 coaches, 3 of which have participated in the Olympics as an athlete or coach, 7 Board of Director members and multiple local sponsors and businesses. As a team we work together to keep our facility operational, with safety being our top priority. This team effort allows us to better serve our athletes at the highest standard of cleanliness, experience and professionalism. 

Katrina Penner Loat

Recreational Director & Men's MAG Coach


I have been at Twisters for a total of 20 years including both coaching and training. I have been coaching for 13 years. I have my level 2 trampoline and my level 2 artistic gymnastics certification. I have coached for both the men's and women's competitive and the recreational program. I was an athlete myself for 18 years and in that time, I was a member of the women's competitive, interclub and gymnaestrada teams. In 2019 I competed in Dornbirn Austria in the World Gymnaestarda competition. Some of my hobbies outside of gymnastics include photography and painting.

Mits Ikeda

Men's MAG Coach


Men's Competitive Coach. Mitsugu Ikeda graduated from Chukyo University in Japan with a degree in Physical Education. He attended 10 World championships as one of Team Canada’s coaches. Mits was the head coach for the 1999 Pan American Games team and was the head coach for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Jonathan Osers

Men's MAG Coach


I started competitive gymnastics at Twisters when I was 9 years old. At age 13 I began competing at a national level and finally retired from competition at age 27. At age 17, I started coaching at Twisters and began to coach full time for the Men’s Competitive Program at age 19. Now in 2021, I have been coaching for more than 14 years. I have coached EVERY age group from 2 years old to 65 years old and have enjoyed them all. I am NCCP Level 3 certified in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics and have competed theory and technical portions of NCCP Level 3 in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. I enjoying teaching gymnastics: breaking down something complex into parts that are easily understood and less intimidating. I aspire to be kind and fair to those that I coach and I place a large emphasis on learning about the tricks and how to be an athlete. I love the fine arts. I love the constant learning about the human mind and body and most of all I love the positive interactions that I get to have with those in and around Twisters every day.

Ken Ikeda

Men's MAG Coach


Men's Competitive Coach. Ken Ikeda has been a strong presence in gymnastics for 19 years and has competed as a Senior National Athlete for 16 of those years. Ken has competed in many International Meets including the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. Ken has coached competitive athletes for eight years and he is a level 4 certified coach.

Stephania Illiesu

Women's WAG Coach


With over 40 years in the international field of gymnastics as coach, choreographer, national and international presenter and course conductor. Stephania holds her Masters Degree in Physical Education, specialized in Gymnastics and brings years of excellence in Gymnastics to Twisters. As the winner of the National Coach of the year 2001, Stephania's International coaching experience in Canada, Australia, Romania and Singapore to name a few, Stephania has brought gymnasts to National and Olympic level success including but not limited to: NATIONAL CANADIAN TEAM COACH: - Pacific Alliance/Rim- Honolulu/Hawaii and Vancouver/Canada -2004-2002 - Pan American Games- Santo Domingo/Dominican Republic 2003 - World Championship- Anaheim/USA-2003 - Pre- Olympics - Athens/Greece-2004 - Olympics- Athens/ Greece-2004 - American Challenge- USA-2004 - Five Countries Event-Holland-2004

Chantel Vander Zwan

WAG & Recreational Coach


Women's WAG Coach, Xcel Interclub and Recreational Coach

Sarah McKenzie

Gymnaestrada Coach


Gymnaestrada Coach

Chiyoko Ikeda

Recreational Coach


Chiyoko is one of our recreational coaches and mother to Richard and Ken Ikeda and Julie Isfeld; as well as wife to Mits Ikeda. As a National level gymnast in Japan she brings years of experience to our recreational gymnasts. Coach Chiyoko is very popular with our Pre-school and kinder classes.

Tristan Fast

Recreational Coach


Recreational Coach - Tristan is also one of our Men's competitive athletes. Tristan has been a coach for almost four years. He has trained at Twisters since he was two years old. He now trains 19 hours a week and won provincials on pommel horse in 2017. What Tristan loves most about coaching is teaching kids skills he learned when he was younger. He is foundations trained and his goal is to make team BC.

Kara Kiers

Interclub Coach


I have been a part of the Twisters family since I was 5 years old. I started as a gymnast, training as a rec athlete, moving forward to Performance Plus Interclub, and being on the World Gymnaestrada team in 2019. I started coaching at age 15, and over the years have enjoyed coaching Preschool, Gymnastics, Tramp & Tumble, Parkour, Interclub, and Adult classes and Drop Ins. Over the years, I have grown as a coach, eventually becoming a supervisor, and then the Recreational Director. I am NCCP Comp 1 trained, Trampoline Level 2 certified, Parkour Level 2 certified, and a trained Gymnastics and Trampoline Foundations Coach Evaluator. I have loved my time at Twisters and I look forward to the years to come!
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Paula Melger-Iida

WAG Coach& Office admin


Paula has been a part of the gymnastics community since she was 4 years old. She competed with Twisters Gymnastics Club, earning provincial awards several times and placed in the medals at every competition. She has also been awarded choreography and artistry awards during her time as an athlete for floor. Paula has completed her NCCP courses for Foundations of Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline Level 1, with a trained status in both courses. Paula hopes to share her knowledge in the sport to the future generations of athletes!

Tara Clarke

Recreational & Xcel Interclub Coach


Recreational Coach


Twisters would love to receive your resume if you are interested in coaching opportunities. Email to info@twistersgymbc.com or fax it to us at 604-850-1504

Recreational Gymnastic Coaches

Twisters Gymnastics has a long history of promoting growth and development with their coaches. If you are interested in becoming a coach please contact our Recreational Director Katrina Penner-Loat at recdirector@twistersgymbc.com

  • Must be age 15+
  • NCCP Level 1 certified or willing to get certified