International Competitive Program

Twisters has been the training home to half a dozen National Team members and three Olympians, Twisters Gymnastics also has a vibrant and successful competitive program for boys and girls starting as young as age 5.
We also have several High Performance athletes. Currently Twisters Gym is officially designated by Gymnastics Canada as a National Training Centre for men’s gymnastics.

Professional Training & Assessment

Selected athletes train from 4 – 25 hours per week in preparation for competition. Young gymnasts typically are tested for acceptance to join the girls Pre-Competitive and boys Pre-Comp programs where motor skills, co-ordination and basic skill acquisition are emphasized.

World Class Coaching

Twisters competitive programs are led by National coaches Richard Ikeda, Ken Ikeda, and Mits Ikeda (men’s) and Shallon Iliesu, Stephania Iliesu, Horia Iliesu and Julie Isfeld (women’s). Twisters elite gymnasts include Olympic hopeful and Canadian National team member Zachary Clay, and former Olympians Richard Ikeda and 2004 Olympian Ken Ikeda.

Richard Ikeda

Club Director & Men's Head Coach - MAG

Richard has been a strong presence in gymnastics for 33 years and has competed as a Senior National Athlete for 13 of those years.

Richard attends many international meets and national training camps as team coach.


16 Years of  coaching

Level 4 Certified Coach


  • 2003 National Champion,
  • 2002 Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist (Team)
  • 2002 National Champion, 2001 National Champion
  • 1996 National Champion
  • 1996 Olympian.



Ken Ikeda

Men's Coach - MAG

Ken Ikeda has been a strong presence in gymnastics for 19 years and has competed as a Senior National Athlete for 16 of those years.

Ken has competed in many International Meets including the 2004 and 2008 Olympics.


12 Years of coaching
Level 4 Certified Coach


  • 2010 Gold Medalist Pommel Horse
  • National Championships
  • 2009 Silver Medalist AA National Champion
  • 2007 Bronze Medalist AA National Champion
  • 2006 Gold Medalist Pommel Horse National Championships
  • 2004 Olympian.



Lynne Éthier

Women's Coach - WAG

Lynne has been involved in the sport of gymnastics for over 30 years. 





MAG - Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Zachary Clay

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Owen Fielding

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Ethan Ikeda

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Connor Fielding

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Alec Ikeda

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men's Athlete bios

Zachary began gymnastics at the age of 5 and is no stranger to hard work and his commitment to being a world class gymnast. His pre-school teacher told his parents that he had amazing coordination and that she had never seen a child his age with such good athletic abilities, so she recommended gymnastics, and so it began. At the young age of 8 he started competing and he has never looked back. His nickname is Zach and his role model is 2004 Olympian Ken Ikeda, who is also one of his coaches, (alongside Richard Ikeda 1996 Olympian) allowing him to see first-hand his love for the sport. Zach eats an apple before competing and lives by the motto “Just do it”


In 2010 at the Canadian Championships, as a Tyro competitor, Zach dominated taking home four gold medals (All-Around, Pommel Horse, Vault and Parallel Bars). From there he progressed moving up to the junior division for 2011 and 2012 before debuting as a senior in 2013.
In 2011 Zach won three medals at the Canada Winter Games, including pommel horse Gold and Silver in both team and vault.
In 2014 Zach competed at his first FIG World Championships and was part of the team that won bronze at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
In 2015 while competing in Switzerland, Zach suffered from a torn ACL and fractured tibia while competing. During that time, Zach was unsure if he would ever walk without a limp again. Persevering and following eight months of intense rehab driven by a relentless passion for the sport, Zach was able to return to training and won his first career senior all-around national title in 2017. From there, Zach went on to qualify for the all-around final at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal – What a comeback!
In 2018 at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Zach won team silver and bronze on pommel horse, participating as a member of the world championship squad for the fourth time!

Notable International Results


Pan Am Games (Lima, PER) 3rd Team, 6th P. Horse
Elite Canada (Langley, BC) 3rd A-Around, 2nd P. Horse, 5th P. Bars, 6th Rings, 7th Floor
Canadian Championships (Ottawa, ON) 4th A-Around, 1st P. Horse, 3rd P. Bars, 6th Rings
UCIC (Calgary, AB) 7th A-Around, 4th P. Horse, 4th P. Bars, 5th H. Bar


Toyota International (Toyota, JPN) 4th P. Horse, 6th Rings, 9th H. Bar, 12th P. Bars
World Championships (Doha, Qatar) 18th Team, 48th H. Bar
Sr Pan Am Championships (Lima, PER) 7th A-Around, 5th Team 
World Challenge Cup (Guimarães, POR) 5th P. Horse 
Canadian Championships (Waterloo, ON) 5th AA, 2nd P. Horse, 8th Rings, 8th H. Bar
Commonwealth Games (Gold Coast, AUS) SILVER (team), BRONZE (pommel horse); 2014 – BRONZE (team), 8th (parallel bars)
UCIC (Calgary, AB) 3rd AA, 1st P. Horse, 3rd Rings
Elite Canada (Québec, QC) 5th AA, 8th P. Horse
FIG World Championships: – 18th (team), 48th (horizontal bar), 64th (parallel bars), 91st (rings), 94th (pommel horse), 164th (all-around),


21st (all-around), 41st (pommel horse), 42nd (horizontal bar), 46th (rings), 54th (parallel bars), 79th (floor exercise); 2015 – 15th (team);


14th (team), 69th (all-around), 63rd (pommel horse), 136th (floor exercise), 182nd (rings), 157th (vault), 124th (parallel bars), 139th (horizontal bar)


Pacific Rim Championships: – 6th (team), 9th (all-around), 8th (floor exercise), 8th (pommel horse)

Owen Fielding is 14 years old. He has been in gymnastics since the age of 6. He trained at Flip City with Paul Massie until the MAG program was closed and loves being a new member of the Twisters team.

Owen’s favourite event is rings and he hopes to compete as a Junior this year. His favourite gymnastics experiences have been being part of Team BC and he hopes one day to compete in the Olympics.


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Connor Fielding is 14 years old. He has been in gymnastics since the age of 6. He trained at Flip City with Paul Massie until the MAG program was closed and is happy to have found a new home at Twisters.
Connor’s favourite event is floor and his favourite gymnastics experience was the Aspire camp in Montreal in 2019. He hopes to be a Junior this year and his long term goal is to be on Team Canada.

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The Women’s Pathways Program includes the Tiny Twistars, Beginner Twistars and Advanced Twistars. The Pathways Program allows a path of stepping stones for the young gymnast to advance through the early developmental stages in gymnastics. Starting in Tiny Twistars each child will improve their loco-motor skills i.e. hopping, skipping, running, crawling, landing, swinging, jumping etc. All of this is accomplished through a fun and energetic learning environment. Continuing to follow the developmental program stepping stones through Beginner and Advanced Twistars. The Advanced Twistars class is designed for the more serious gymnast who would like to expand on their talent and has the desire to potentially become a competitive gymnast someday. In this class the athlete will experience a more structured detailed approach to instruction, working to enhance the student’s strength, flexibility and skill set. The fun does not stop here, most athletes thoroughly enjoy the extra challenge, and often feel a sense of pride in what they have accomplished.

For more information on the Women’s Pathways Program email

WAG - Women's Artistic Gymnastics

While the Women’s program offers testing several times throughout the year, admittance into the Pre-Competitive Program is otherwise offered by recommendation from within our Recreational Program, or based on previous gymnastics or competitive experience directly into our Competitive Program. Please contact the gym for more specific information.

Kennedy Fast

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Mikhayla Rosenow

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Marrisa Engh

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Amélie Shea

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women's Athlete bios

Jordis Kliewer is a National Level Gymnast and has competed all across Canada as part of Team BC. She is a high achiever and strives for excellence. Jordis started gymnastics at the young age of 4 and joined the competitive team when she was 6 years old. She has competed as part of Team BC for 3 Western Canadian Championships and 4 consecutive Canadian Championships, as well as attending Elite Canada from 2017 to 2020.

She is the 2016 JO9 National Champion on Floor and has won 6 medals at the Western Canadian Championships. During her years competing at BC Provincial Championships, Jordis has earned 14 medals and was the BC Provincial All-Around Champion in 2014.


  • Elite Canada – Junior


  • Elite Canada – Junior
  • Western Canadian Championships – Team Gold, Gold Floor, Silver Vault
  • 6th All-Around Canadian Championships – Team Silver
  • BC Provincials – 4th All-Around, Silver Vault and Floor, Bronze Beam


  • Elite Canada – HP Novice – 13th All-Around
  • Canadian Championship – 6th Bars
  • BC Provincials – Bronze Bars, Silver Beam


  • Elite Canada – HP Novice
  • Western Canadian Championships – Team Bronze, Gold Floor, 6th All-Around, 4th Bars Canadian Championships – Team BC

         BC Provincials – All-Around Bronze, Gold Floor and Vault     


  • Elite Canada – HP Novice
  • Western Canadian Championships – Bronze Floor
  • Canadian Championships – Gold Floor
  • BC Provincials – Silver Floor


  • BC Provincials – Bronze Floor


  • BC Provincials – All-Around Champion, Gold Floor and Bars, Silver Beam, Bronze Vault

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Mikhayla joined Twisters in September of 2012 being 7 1/2 years old. She especially enjoys the challenge of learning a new skill in this sport which has made the competitive program so much more appealing to her than the recreational side. As this tends to happen mostly during the summer time, this time of year is one of her favorite times of the year that she is always looking forward to.
In her beginnings she enjoyed Beam as an event the most which has now shifted to the events of Bars and Vault. These events have also given her the most success with becoming the Western Canadian Vault champion in 2017.

Mikhayla enjoys the team atmosphere when making it onto the BC Team for the out of Province events with the Western Canadian Championships of 2019 being a highlight when the team won Gold. Otherwise she has attended one Elite Canada (was registered for 3 and pulled out because of injury) and has attended Westerns 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019. Mikhayla’s dream is to still make it to the Canadian National Championships and possibly to College gymnastics in the United States.

Outside the gym Mikhayla is homeschooled, she loves to read and busy herself with animals. She is also making some side money by breeding rats which she thinks are interesting and smart animals.

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Hi I’m Emily and I am a 13 year old gymnast that has been going to Twisters for almost 7 years now! I have recently gone to BC Games and won 1st on beam. I’ve attended multiple provincial championships and have won multiple medals.

The events I enjoy most are bars, because I find it comes quite naturally but it also offers lots of challenges. I also enjoy floor because, of all the dance and choreography aspect of it also the tumbling and leaps and jumps. The friendships that I have made in this sport through twisters have made a big impact in my life and I am forever grateful.

Amélie fell in love with gymnastics after being in the 3-year-old kinder gym program at Twisters. At gym, her philosophy is “to have lots of fun with your team mates while working hard.” She was the Provincial JO6 All-Around Champion for her age category and has gained valuable experience competing with Team BC for the Western Artistic Championships and Zone 3 Team for BC Winter Games. She hopes to continue improving and one day, compete at Elite Canada. In her free time, she skis, loves to do crafts and loves teaching her big puppy new tricks.


Twisters Gymnastic Club has been home to many notable gymnasts during the 25 years they have been serving the Abbotsford community. Providing professional coaching, mentorship, commitment and a passion for visually beautiful and captivating sport, Twisters Gymnastics has produced gymnasts on the Men’s and Women’s Provincial, National and Global stage. 

2003 NCAA All-Around Bronze medalist, Bars & Beam Gold medalist, 2002 Commonwealth Games Champion (All Around and Balance Beam), 2001 National Champion, 2000 & 2004 Olympian, 1998 Jr. National Champion.

2003 National Champion, 2002 Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist (Team), 2002 National Champion, 2001 National Champion, 1996 National Champion, 1996 Olympian.

2010 Gold Medalist Pommel Horse National Championships, 2009 Silver Medalist AA National Champion, 2007 Bronze Medalist AA National Champion, 2006 Gold Medallist Pommel Horse National Championships, 2004 Olympian.

2001-2015 Ken Ikeda
2013-2015 Robert Watson
2008-2015 Zachary Clay
2013-2014 Steven Chaplin
2009-2013 Nicolas Garfias

2014 Robert Watson Sr
2013 Steven Chaplin Jr
2010 Zachary Clay HP Tyro

2016 Ethan Ikeda Elite 3
2016 Kyle Machibroda
2012 Steven Chaplin National Youth

2014 Brienna Gaspar Level 4 Tyro
2011 Marquita Morison Level 5 Novice
2009 Andry Friesen CPP Novice

2014 Tamara Skulstad P5 Tyro
2014 Brienna Gaspar P4 Argo/Tyro
2014 Jordis Kliewer P3 Argo
2013 Tamara Skulstad P4 Tyro
2013 Katrina Penner-Loat P2 Open
2013 Ashlynn Skultstad National Open
2012 Carissa Williams P4 Novice
2011 Emily Moorthy P3 Tryo
2010 Ashlynn Skulstad Level 5 Tyro
2009 Andry Friesen Level 5 Novice
2008 Makaila Lapointe Level 3 Argo
2007 Kendra Hromek Level 3 Argo
2007 Alicia Chan National Open

2016 Ethan Ikeda Elite 3
2015 Zachary Clay Senior
2014 Kyle Machibroda-Ames National Open
2014 Ethan Ikeda Level 2 (U10)
2013 Michael Frew Level 3
2013 Cohen Kiers National Youth
2013 Kyle Machibroda-Ames National Open
2013 Elijah Horner Level 4
2012 Steven Chaplin National Youth Provincial Champion
2012 Jeremy Gaspar Level 3 over 13
2011 Jonathan Oser National Open
2011 Nicolas Garfias HP Tyro
2011 Elijah Horner Level 3 over 13
2010 Steven Chaplin Youth
2007 Sky Leuba Level 3
2007 Max Vacca HP Tyro
2006 Charles Haycock Level 3
2005 Max Vacca HP Argo
2005 Zorya Kenned HP Novice
2005 Norihiko Horie HP Senior

2014 Brienna Gaspar L3
2012 Dawson Friesen
2010 Nicolas Garfias
2006 Max Vacca

2015 Cohen Kiers
2011 Nicolas Garfias

2015 Robert Watson Sr
2012 Zachary Clay Jr

2010 & 2012 - Nicolas Garfias


2012 Zachary Clay
2006 & 2008 Ken Ikeda
Richard Ikeda

2011 Marquita Morison
2007 Alycia Chan
2000-2002 & 2004 Kate Richardson
Kate Richardson